Grooved Pipe & Blind Plug Connect with Victaulic Clamps for Membrane Housing Side Port Fixing

A picture of groove pipe and blind plug

Grooved pipe connects with victaulic clamps for membrane housing side port fixing and the other end connects with the pipeline to form a channel for liquid transportation. Blind plug also works with victaulic clamps for membrane housing side port fixing to prevent liquid from flowing, forming a closed circuit.

Grooved Pipe Category

Grooved pipes are divided into cut grooved pipes and roll grooved pipes by structure.

Cut grooved pipe details
Cut Grooved Pipes
Pipe cutter cuts grooves on the pipe as required.
Suitable for thick-wall pipes made of various materials.
Roll grooved pipe details
Roll Grooved Pipe
Roll grooving machine drives the pipe to rotate through the roll set and the roll set applies pressure on the pipe under the action of oil cylinder, thus forming a groove desired. No metal is cut and the mass of the metal is unchanged.
Suitable for thin-wall pipes with good formability, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polyvinyl chloride, copper and zinc-nickel-copper alloys.


  • Grooved pipe material: 304, 316, 316L, 2205, 2507
  • Blind plug material: SUS304, 316L, 205, 2507
  • Size: 3/4" – 12" (DN20–DN300)


2 FRP membrane housings are connected with grooved pipes.
Water Treatment
  • FRP membrane housings
  • Stainless steel membrane housings