Manual Filter Valves for Water Filtration

A black manual filter valve

Manual filter valve is a kind of planar multi-port valve that adopts double face ceramic sealing method with a dynamic valve core and two static ceramic plates. It has a smaller valve body and a larger flow rate.


  • The valve body inside flow channel structure was simplified to ensure the water flow passes through directly without any detours.
  • The water flow tracts in the valve body were simplified, which makes the valve body flow bigger several times than those of other same geometric size valve body.
  • The unique handle structure makes its operation more convenient, the working state can be observed in a distance.
  • It can be used for most filtration systems requiring backwash and rinse cycles.


A manual filter valve with an output of 2 tons per hour.


A manual filter valve with an output of 4 tons per hour.


A manual filter valve with an output of 10 tons per hour.



Manual Filter Valves
Model Output (T/H) Inlet & Outlet Base Center Pipe
SD2-1-82 2 1/2" M82 × 3 With filter
SD2-1 3 3/4" 2.5" 1.05" OD
SD4 4–6 1" 2.5" 1"
SD4E 5 1" 2.5" 1.05" OD
SD10 8–15 1.5" 4" – 8UN 1.5"