Flexible Design FRP Precision Filters with Horizontal/Vertical Installation

FRP precision filters and two filter cartridges

FRP precision filter is a pressure filtration vessel made of FRP materials by moulding. Under the action of pressure, raw liquid passes through filter cartridges, filtrate flows out and residues are retained on the surface of filter cartridges, thereby achieving the purpose of filtration.

It features excellent corrosion resistance, higher strength and flexible design and can be installed horizontally or vertically to save costs.

It is widely used in electronics, power, metallurgy, chemical, food & beverage, brackish water, seawater desalination, landfill leachate, feed liquid separation, etc.


  • The filter housing is made of FRP and adopts the winding process of glass fiber and reinforced plastics and accessories are also made of FRP materials by moulding, featuring high pressure resistance, good corrosion resistance and no leaking.
  • Easy filter cartridge installation, manual open clamps are adopted, no other tools are required when installing and replacing filter cartridges.
  • Novel, reasonable internal structure design. The lower end is provided with seal support and installation guide. The upper end is equipped with 5-hole positioning for sealing box and tight nuts to adjust its tightness.
  • Flexible design, can be installed horizontally or vertically to save costs.


FRP Precision Filters
Model Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Side Open Center Distance (mm) Inlet & Outlet Filter Flow (t/h) Filter Accuracy (μm) Cartridge Height (inch)
WDLPP5-10 210 590 380 DN50 2 1–100 10''
WDLPP5-20 210 840 630 DN50 3 1–100 20"
WDLPP5-30 210 1090 880 DN50 5 1–100 30"
WDLPP5-40 210 1340 1130 DN50 8 1–100 40"