Biocides for Microorganism Control

A blue plastic can of biocides for cooling water systems

Biological contamination is a common problem found in water treatment systems, where bacteria enter and multiply in the system through air, water flow or process contaminants, causing system scaling and corrosion. In reverse osmosis systems, it will also cause irreversible damage to expensive membranes. Snowate can supply a full range of biocides for reverse osmosis systems, cooling water, oil & gas process water to remove bacteria and protect your industrial facilities.


  • We can supply biocides for reverse osmosis systems, cooling water, oil & gas process water for your option.
  • We can offer both oxidizing & non-oxidizing biocides for complete water system control.
  • Effectively kill bacteria, fungi and algae, and comply with strict environmental discharge regulations.
  • Wear personal protective equipment when using to avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, etc. Flush with plenty of water after contact.


Model Appearance pH Specific Gravity (25 °C, g/cm3) Application
ES-301 Blue-green transparent liquid 2.5–4.5 1.01–1.05 Reverse osmosis treatment biocides
ES-302 Clear, pale green liquid 3.5–5.5 1.05–1.13
ES-303 Clear to Yellow 2.0–4.0 1.20–1.30
ES-308 Colorless to yellow liquid 3.0–8.0 ≥ 1.05
KS-360 Colorless to light yellow liquid 9.0–13.0 1.00–1.10 Cooling water (oxidizing biocides)
KS-370 Clear, pale green liquid 2.0–4.0 1.0–1.05 Cooling water (non-oxidizing biocides)
OFC-605 Homogeneous liquid 6.0-8.0 0.90-1.15 Oil & gas process
Packaging: pail, drum and IBC tote.