Heavy Metal Precipitants for Wastewater Treatment

A blue plastic can of heavy metal precipitants for wastewater treatment

Heavy metal precipitant is a compound that reacts with metal ions to form a stable water-soluble metal complex. It can effectively precipitate metal ions to low concentrations in wastewater, thereby achieving the purpose of removing heavy metal ions. It is widely used in the wastewater systems of electroplating, electronics, petrochemical and metal processing industries.


  • Precipitate metals over a wide pH range and enable wastewater recycling for plant processes.
  • Strong chelating ability, stable sediment, small and stable sludge amount and simple post-treatment.
  • Effective for various metals, including cadmium,chromium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, silver,selenium and zinc.
  • Wear personal protective equipment when using to avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, etc. Flush with plenty of water after contact.


Heavy Metal Precipitants
Model Appearance pH Specific Gravity (25 °C, g/cm3) Application
WT-304 Colorless to light yellow liquid 11.0–12.5 1.09–1.13 Wastewater treatment
EXN-904 Yellow-green transparent liquid ≥ 10.0 ≥ 1.12 Desulfurization water treatment
AT-1077 White powdery solid ≥ 10.0 Pulp & paper