Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors for Water Treatment Facility Protection

A blue plastic can of scale and corrosion inhibitor for circulating water treatment systems

Dissolved gases, minerals or metals contained in the water may corrode the vessels it flows over or through, leading to premature equipment failure, brittle pipes, reduced heat transfer, mechanical damages, etc. Snowate can supply a wide range of scale and corrosion inhibitors for water treatment industry to slow down and mitigate corrosion, extend the equipment service life and prevent water from being contaminated.


  • We supply 3 kinds of scale and corrosion inhibitors for cooling water, boiler water and oil & gas water for your option.
  • Plastic pail and woven bag packages are available, or customized upon request.
  • It has stable physical and chemical properties and is preferred to be sealed and stored in a cool place.
  • Wear personal protective equipment when using to avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, etc. Flush with plenty of water after contact.


Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
Model Appearance pH Specific Gravity (25 °C, g/cm3) Application
AK-700 Clear, colorless to pale yellow liquid 2.0–4.5 1.10–1.18 Cooling water
AK-800 1.0–2.5 1.15–1.23
AK-890 1.0–2.5 1.30–1.41
AK-900 Clear, amber liquid 2.0–4.5 1.10–1.21
AK-750 Light yellow liquid 1.5–4.5 1.05–1.15
AK-760 1.5–3.5 1.10–1.20
AK-770 1.0–3.0 1.15–1.25
AY-722 Clear, colorless liquid 6.0–8.0 1.05–1.15
AG-960 Amber liquid 9.0–11.0 1.10–1.20 Boiler water
AG-970 White to slightly yellow powdery solid 10.0–11.5
AG-990 Amber liquid 1.0–3.0 1.05–1.15
OFC-606 Brown liquid 8.0–10.0 0.8–1.0 Oil & gas process
OFC-608 Homogeneous liquid 4.0–8.0 0.90–1.15
Packaging: pail, drum and IBC tote.